Clinton Cards has slashed printing costs across its stores by 35 per cent.

The retailer has worked with printer supplier Epson and technology supplier Bechtle Direct to implement a managed printing service at its 1,000 Clinton Cards and Birthdays stores.

The deal marks a shift for Clinton Cards, which has traditionally bought equipment outright, rather than leasing it.

As part of the arrangement Clinton Cards will pay for printing on a per page basis. This charge covers the lease of the printers, consumables, support and installation costs.

Clinton Cards group IT manager Keith Woodridge said: “While this is a major change for us as a company, it made sound business and financial sense to invest in a print managed service solution across all our stores.”

The retailer’s head office has access to a simple reporting tool so that it can view printer usage. Printers in every store can also be monitored remotely, allowing the IT department to view faults and advise staff on how to rectify problems.

Clinton Cards were also supplied with specially written printer software by Epson that would work with the Linux-based operating system it runs