Secret Sales

Secret Sales launched in 2007 as an online flash Sales retailer providing designer brands with a route to sell excess inventory direct to consumers at a discount. It sources primarily luxury products across fashion, accessories, lifestyle, beauty and homewares from 1,500 brand partners and offers these at 30%-70% discount for Sales events lasting two-to-four days. Its range of brands has included Vivienne Westwood, Converse, Theo Fennell, Beats by Dre and Stella McCartney. It is currently members only, with around 6 million registered members, and only operates in the UK. It aims to enter six different European markets in 2020 to drive international expansion and member figures to “tens of millions”. Products are largely designer-led, but the range is likely to expand in the future to mid-to-premium to capture a wider audience. Secret Sales is also looking to expand its reach with pop-up shops throughout Europe in prime shopping destinations.


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