Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a variety retailer based in Denmark and owned by holding company Zebra A/S. Its first store opened in Copenhagen in 1995. Before June 2016, it operated as Tiger in most places, TGR in Sweden and Norway, and Flying Tiger in Ireland, Japan, the USA, Belgium and the Netherlands. The retailer has grown rapidly over the last few years, as it entered new territories as joint ventures with local partners, but it is now implementing a transformation strategy after its profits were decimated in 2018. It is focusing on increasing the efficiency of its supply chain and in-store staff, as well as developing central systems for product lifecycle management, sales optimisation and staff planning. Flying Tiger Copenhagen operates around 1,000 stores across 30 countries, of which 937 are in Europe and the remainder in South Korea, Japan and the US. Its stores offer a quirky and ever-changing selection of own-designed products, but it does not sell online due to the impulse-buy nature of its products not translating to online.


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