Famed for its bath bombs and commitment to animal welfare and environmental values, Lush is a global retailer of beauty, skincare, perfume and bath and body products.

Founded in Poole, Dorset in 1995 by Liz Weir and Mark Constantine, Lush has grown from cult favourite to global success story.

Similar to The Body Shop, the ethical retailer has a strong stance against animal testing and its soaps are palm oil-free. Its products are 100% vegetarian and 80% vegan, with fresh fruits and vegetables part of its recipes.

Its handmade approach gives it a unique niche in a highly competitive cosmetics sector and the business has grown considerably over recent years. The retailer operates over 100 stores in the UK and around 950 globally. New concepts have seen Lush commit to fresh products, plastic-free packaging and a dedicated perfume library across flagship stores.

Lush’s unique business approach also includes no traditional advertising, relying instead on user-generated content. As of 2019, Lush has closed all of its official social media accounts, in a bid to speak to customers more directly via live chat on its website, email and phone, though shop-specific accounts are still being run.


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