Forrester Research reports that 87% of consumers abandon online shopping baskets, translating to £11bn of lost revenue a year.

Simple mechanics such as email marketing can be enough to put shoppers back on the path to purchase, says Kestrel Lemen, marketing strategist at email marketing provider Bronto Software.

She says: “Our recent study conducted with Magento found most shoppers (85%) find basket reminder emails helpful and 61% say a reminder email will get them back on the retailer’s site.

“With powerful analytics, personalisation features and near real-time data capture, the latest recovery apps give marketers the ability to easily analyse data and customise their basket reminder messages.”

Abandoned baskets are low-hanging fruit that every retailer needs to take advantage of and the right recovery technology can help them mitigate the impact.

Lemen highlights the need for marketers to embrace new tools to meet the growing challenges of connected and easily distracted consumers who expect personalised, relevant marketing. “In today’s multi-device, multichannel shopping environment, identifying easy-to-implement solutions that help convert shoppers to buyers is critical,” she says.

By intelligently analysing shopping behaviour in near-real time, retailers can respond with recovery messages at an appropriate time relevant to that particular customer, while ensuring they offer a consistent service at all times.

Lemen concludes: “Ecommerce is an ultra-competitive landscape – your rivals are just a click away – so such tools can help retailers keep customers on and returning to their site.”