Clubcard vouchers to pay course fees
Tesco has launched a scheme allowing shoppers to exchange vouchers in payment for higher education.

Using Clubcard deals, customers can trade vouchers to receive four times their value. Therefore, for every£10 worth of Clubcard tokens, shoppers will receive£40 towards course fees at The Open University.

Tesco commercial director Richard Brasher said: 'We're delighted to get the Open University on board. Clubcard deals already help thousands of people achieve things they might otherwise find hard to afford and now gaining higher education qualifications is added to that list.'

Recent statistics put the cost of an undergraduate degree at more than£33,000, but the average cost for an Open University degree is about£4,000 and students will be able to pay for all or part of that cost using Clubcard vouchers

Open University spokesman Neil Coaten said: 'The Open University has always worked to include all people in higher education. We aim to make access to the programmes as flexible as possible. This extends to giving our students a number of options to meet course fees, including this project. We look forward to seeing Tesco shoppers use Clubcard vouchers to access our innovative study methods.

'The Open University has always pioneered new ways of offering university education. This latest innovation has the potential to bring the Open University's quality and expertise to new students.'