Tesco is to launch a spring brand campaign which the grocer says will be the start of a “new conversation” between the brand and its customers and put it at the heart of its communities.

In a video blog on Tesco’s Talking Shop, the retailer says the most important thing for Tesco to do this year is to tell customers why it exists and what it stands for. The grocer said the campaign will put it at the heart of its communities.

The campaign will keep Tesco’s Every Little Helps strapline but wants to return the focus on helping customers and move away from just price and offers.

Matt Atkinson, Tesco CMO, said in the blog: “It has to be not every little helps Tesco, but Tesco: every little helps the customer, colleagues and communities we serve. We have to have this new conversation, and part of it is being part of the communities we’re in. It’s about being welcomed and making a difference to the communities we serve and the people we employ and doing good things with our size.”

The blog says the Christmas campaign was not meant to be an overhauled creative approach, but “an evolution towards the new voice that we’re creating for the brand”.

Tesco’s creative agency is Wieden + Kennedy.


Tesco’s new communications strategy