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    Woolworths: Last big credit insurer withdraws cover


    Woolworths is facing more instability in the run up to Christmas after another credit insurer has withdrawn cover from the beleaguered business.

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    Woolworths to launch Store 21 fashion concessions


    Woolworths is to launch Store 21 fashion concessions in 16 of its large high street stores in partnership with value fashion retailer QS.

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    Woolworths launches price offensive on DVDs


    Woolworths has launched a price war on DVDs this week, with what it claims is an unprecedented offer to sell all chart releases for less than 10.

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    Woolworths launches price offensive on DVDs


    Woolworths has launched a price war on DVDs this week, with what it claims is an unprecedented offer to sell all chart releases for less than 10.

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    Woolworths unveils record first-half losses


    Woolworths has revealed record first-half losses before tax of 99.7 million for the 26 weeks to August 2, compared with a 63.8 million loss posted at the same point last year.

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    Malcolm Walker’s magic touch


    Malcolm Walker has defied critics with his turnaround of Iceland, but could he do the same with Woolworths? Jennifer Creevy meets him to discover what can be learnt from the chain’s recovery.

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    Woolworths shareholder backs Malcolm Walker bid rejection


    Woolworths’ biggest shareholder is backing the variety store retailer in its rejection of Malcolm Walker’s £50 million bid, according to The Sunday Times.

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    Concerns raised over Woolworths covenants


    Variety store group Woolworths is likely to stretch its banking covenants to the limit and fail to pay a dividend for the next two years, an analyst has warned after a company visit.

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    Woolies needs to do an Iceland


    Downturns seem to suit Malcolm Walker. While most retailers are struggling to get to grips with tougher trading, Walker has steered Iceland to its best performance in a decade and managed to find time to make a bid for Woolworths’ retail business too.

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    Baugur approaches Woolworths shareholders to force negotiations


    The Baugur-led acquisition consortium rejected by Woolworths has contacted other shareholders to try to force the board to open negotiations over a possible takeover, according to the Financial Times .

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    Woolworths rejects Iceland takeover approach


    Woolworths has rebuffed a takeover approach by Iceland founder Malcolm Walker claiming that it undervalued the retail chain.

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    Woolworths names ex-Focus boss as chief executive


    Woolworths has named Steve Johnson, former boss of DIY group Focus and consultant at Bain & Company, as chief executive

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    Iranian tycoon builds Woolworths stake


    Iranian property tycoon Ardeshir Naghshineh has raised his stake in troubled retailer Woolworths, sparking fresh speculation that he could mount a bid for the business.

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    Woolworths courts bid speculation


    Woolworths was the subject of bid speculation yesterday after stakebuilding by an overseas property tycoon.

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    Woolworths sales slide


    Variety store group Woolworths revealed a like-for-like sales decline of 6.7 per cent at its core retail business in the six weeks to July 26.

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    Woolies needs a merry Christmas


    From Cardiff to Cheshunt, Paddington to Paisley, retail’s bunkers are readying themselves for the year’s biggest blowout – Christmas. Retailers that depend on second-half performance for the bulk or entirety of their profits – and there are plenty of them – will be chewing their nails in anxiety, because the ...

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    Rubik's Cube to be Christmas best-seller


    Vintage 1980s toy the Rubik’s Cube is likely to be a Christmas bestseller, according to variety store group Woolworths.

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    The big question for Woolworths


    “Good management, bad business.” If Trevor Bish-Jones had a pound for every time someone said that about his time at Woolworths, his pay-off would pale into insignificance.

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    General retailers knocked again as more industry sagas unfold


    It was a week of high drama for general retailers as veteran Woolworths chief executive Trevor Bish-Jones unexpectedly decided to stand down and furniture groups sought emergency finance.

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    Bish-Jones steps down from Woolies


    Trevor Bish-Jones is stepping down as chief executive of Woolworths.