A viscount’s son has been sent to jail for using his credit card to defraud grocer Tesco out of £355,000 for a music festival.

Alexander Trenchard, the eldest son of Viscount Trenchard, has been jailed for 30 months, according to the BBC.

When Trenchard was working as a corporate affairs manager he used the card to pay off debts incurred by a musical festival at family home, Standon Lordship in Hertfordshire.

The Aylesbury Crown Court heard he had become “obsessed” with the event.

The former page boy to the Queen had developed the annual summer festival over ten years.

In 2007 the event made a loss and he started using his credit card to pay the bills.

The £355,000 bill has since been repaid to Tesco by Trenchard’s parents.

Trenchard will eventually succeed his father to become the fourth Viscount Trenchard.