Tesco’s UK brand is “tarnished” with customers dissatisfied with service at Britain’s largest grocer, a new survey showed.

The research by advisory firm Lazarus covered 2,00 shoppers and was conducted for institutional advisors. It showed that Tesco had the lowest customer satisfaction metrics across the grocery industry, The Telegraph reported.

The survey found that on the criteria of price, range, quality, service, availability and overall experience it ranked behind its rivals and was beaten by Asda on every measure.

The grocer, which is set to unveil its interim results on Thursday, is currently engulfed in a scandal following the discovery of a £250m blackhole in its profits.

Mike Tattersall, who conducted the analysis, said the survey was a “sobering insight into the extent to which Tesco has declined from its erstwhile position as consumer champion”.

“Too many shoppers use Tesco simply because it is there. Its ubiquity is as much a risk as it is a strength and in the near term market share will almost inevitably continue to leak to the discounters, Asda and others,” he said.

The study also revealed that the discounters were becoming increasingly popular with more than eight in 10 saying they would “definitely” or “probably” shop at Aldi or Lidl if they had a local store.