Bookseller Foyles has launched an e-book store as the battle for share of the digital books market hots up.

The retailer is backing the launch with a e-reader promotion, offering what it claims to be the cheapest available device.

From tomorrow, Foyles’ online store will carry 57,000 e-book titles and the retailer will sell the BeBook Mini device at a £20 discount for £159. The bookseller will also retail Sony’s Touch Edition and Pocket Edition e-readers.

Foyles chief executive Sam Husain said: “Our ethos has always been ‘Foyles for books’ and now we can add to this ‘however you want to read them’. We are excited by the opportunities to expand the life of the book.”

The popularity of e-readers and e-books is growing.

A fortnight ago Amazon made its proprietary Kindle device available to British consumers.

Books market leader Waterstone’s already has an e-book store and last year was the exclusive launch partner for Sony’s device.