Uniqlo launches ad push ahead of range roll-out

Uniqlo is embarking on its first big advertising campaign since its ill-fated UK launch in 2001.

The retailer stormed into the UK on the back of a high-profile publicity drive, but 18 months later was shutting stores.

Uniqlo is now back on the expansion trail and is poised to launch a London poster campaign on the Tube and buses on September 13.

The ads tie in with store openings in Oxford Street and Croydon in the next two weeks, as well as the launch of cashmere and denim collections.

Managing director Masa Nagatake said the jeans ranges hark back to the retailer's roots. Other posters will show Uniqlo's cashmere collection, which aims to undercut competitors on price, while offering quality. Starting at£50 for a women's polo neck, the items are made from 100 per cent pure cashmere and are sourced from Mongolia.