Retail Solutions - Hendersons picks JDA solution in bid for warehouse efficiency

Northern Ireland-based wholesaler and convenience store franchisee Hendersons is to use a JDA warehouse replenishment solution in an effort to drive down inventory costs and make more efficient use of existing warehousing.

The system, which is being rolled out this month, will enable the retailer to forecast the replenishment of more than 5,500 lines to 50 Spar, VG and Vivo franchises, as well as a partner network of more than 450 other stores. Using the system, the retailer will be more able to predict the impact of seasonality on its range.

Hendersons group information services director Andrew Logan said: 'The best salesman for us is the weather. Until now, replenishment has not taken a scientific approach, so we're looking forward to using JDA's solution to plan and replenish the right products when consumers need them most.'

The system will also be used to look at warehouse space to make the most of price differentials on volumes.

This will enable warehouse space to be allocated so purchasers can take advantage of economies of scale on shipments of goods.