Retail theft costs UK stores £4.4bn in the year to the end of June, according to a survey of 42,000 European retailers.

According to the Centre for Retail Research, more than a third of thefts were carried out by members of staff.

The theft adds about £180 to the average family’s annual shopping bill as stores pass on the cost, the report said.

Branded clothing is the most common target, but meat, cheese, alcohol and sea food are also often taken.

The survey was carried out on behalf of retail security company Checkpoint Systems. It found that an average of £12,054,794 worth of goods were stolen every day in the UK in the year.

The £4.4bn total bill was actually 5.8% lower than in the previous year, but retailers say the UK still has one of the worst records in the world.

Neil Matthews, from Checkpoint Systems, said a typical “theft spree” saw £93 worth of goods taken.

“While the amount stolen in the UK may well have gone down, that doesn’t mean the overall impact on the general public is any less significant,” he said.