The weather is every retailers’ favourite excuse, but some have been making the most of the heat and the marketing opportunities it brings.

Fortnum & Mason has been drawing sticky shoppers into its stores with a series of seasonal tweets. The luxury retailer has been offering 25% off its alcohol-infused iced popsicles, and picnic essentials to celebrate the sunny spell too.

And Iceland have a special offer on Twister Minis.


Dreams, on the hottest day of the year, very sensibly issued some advice to help people stay cool overnight.


The Co-op used the opportunity to reminded shoppers about the range of fans its has for sale using the popular hashtag #HottestDayOfTheYear.


Likewise, Aldi tweeted that its new range of ’retro’ fridges would be on sale in stores from Thursday.

Even fashion retailer Joules was at it, tweeting about its ’Joules Beside the Seaside’ stores in 11 coastal locations in the UK.

 New Look proffered some advice on what to wear in the office on the hottest day of the year.

And fashion etailer Asos suggested shoppers “keep cool” in its ’heatwave outfit’.

However, some retailers found themselves in a sticky situation, as temperatures matched those of Florida and rocketed above 31 degrees.

According to one shopper on Twitter, Tesco, Argos and Home Bargain all sold out of fans.

And it seems as though Tesco experienced a few unfortunately timed issues in the refrigeration department.