This week I have been planning the launch of our summer layouts.

It’s an important time for the business and it’s absolutely essential that it goes well. In my view, the success of any launch lies in the planning and preparation. It’s imperative that I take time out to read and understand the company guidelines and communicate the key messages to my team.

In my experience, it is best to plan big changes such as this out-of-hours, so as to cause minimum disruption to day-to-day trading.

One of my personal challenges is learning about the season trends and how they translate into what we are trying achieve in-store. There are a number of hot fashion lines, such as gypsy tops, cropped denim and sundresses, all of which need to be merchandised in a prominent position. I’ll also ensure that matching jewellery, shoes and accessories are introduced to complete each look.

Presenting the fashion looks in a visually exciting way will be key to our success during the summer season.

But it’s not just about being creative – part of the planning process involves detailed layout planning and ensuring space is aligned to forecast sales. Another key consideration is the value lines. They have been bought in volume and are great sales drivers that need to be located in key sight lines.

I’m looking forward to seeing the completed layout. The products coming in at the moment are fantastic and really on-trend. All we need now is some prolonged weeks of warm weather.