It may seem, from time to time, that Sainsbury’s front man, school dinner saviour and Volkswagen campervan driver Jamie Oliver is in almost every place you might care to think of, but the opening of his foodie shop Recipease last week added to this extensive list.

Located in Battersea’s affluent Northcote Road, this store has the artisanal feel that is increasingly demanded of food retailers, where the emphases on quality and provenance come pretty close to the top of the bill.

Beyond the faded pink fascia is a store where the watch words are probably natural, fresh and simple. The fixtures have all been fashioned from wood that manages to look suitably distressed and untreated, but they have clearly been very carefully engineered. Then there are the visual merchandising props, where pride of place has to go to the wooden rabbit sculpture that seems to serve little purpose other than as a talking point.

All of which would not amount to much, were it not for the store’s central schtick. This is a store where you can walk in, buy the best ingredients and then learn how to prepare a meal using them - while in the store. For those not so inclined, the alternative is to pick up a pre-prepared version of the same meal that can be heated up in the oven, or maybe just to buy a few goodies.

Anybody interested in food and store design should be visiting this one.