Food is arguably the most important part of Christmas and retailers have upped their game this year in a bid to win over festive shoppers.

While the traditional turkeys, chickens, beef and three-bird roasts take centre stage, seafood remains a key part of supermarkets’ festive propositions in 2015.

Just as was the case last year, lobster remains very much en vogue, while many grocers have put different twists on salmon and cod dishes.

There are unique approaches to Christmas classics too, including Asda choosing chorizo slices as the topping for its beef and the Co-op providing an alternative to pigs in blankets with its sticky sausages with a honey and mustard glaze and popping crackling.

Prosecco continues its surge into mainstream foods as countless retailers use the wine as an ingredient in its festive cheeses and desserts, which look as delectable as ever.