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Meeting spaces made up of chairs, sofas and coffee tables at Very Group HQ, Liverpool


Back to the office – how retail HQs have been reshaped by the pandemic


In March last year, as the full threat of Covid-19 became ever clearer, the doors of retail head offices were slammed shut as the order was issued to work from home.

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Tesco HQ


Move of the Week: It’s no surprise Amazon looked to UK for grocery leadership


Tony Hoggett’s decision to leave Tesco for Amazon is a seismic move that will reverberate throughout the UK grocery sector.

Tony Hoggett


‘Amazon’s symbolic swoop for Hoggett might not be its last raid on Tesco’


There are some stories that take on a much broader significance than the column inches they comprise.

Posed photo of Lord Mark Price, founder of WorkL and former Waitrose managing director


Watch: Lord Mark Price talks to Retail Trust CEO Chris Brook-Carter

2021-07-13T05:00:00+01:00Promotional research for

Retail Trust CEO Chris Brook-Carter interviews WorkL founder and former Waitrose MD Lord Mark Price about Retail Trust’s Health of retail report 2021, assessing the wellbeing of retail workers nationally.

The man powering one million retail websites

The man powering one million retail websites

Shopify president Harley Finkelstein tells Retail Week how retail now is a battle between the resistant and the resilient.

Interview by Luke Tugby