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Tesco Clubcard 2017


Analysis: How Tesco’s Clubcard revival opens up new horizons post-pandemic


Following a year fundamentally shaped by the coronavirus pandemic, Tesco boss Ken Murphy set out his vision for utilising the strength of the retailer’s Clubcard customer base to put clear water between the grocer and its competitors.

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Depressed woman

Be Inspired

Be Inspired: A retailer’s three-step guide to combating stress


April is National Stress Awareness Month. With mental health core to wellbeing and productivity, we spoke to executives and experts to understand how retailers can best manage stress to adapt to the next normal

Helen Dickinson


Helen Dickinson: ‘Don’t build back better – build forward’


With the third wave subsiding, over half the adult population receiving their first vaccination and the reopening of so called ‘non-essential’ retail, we all hope we might just be entering the recovery stage of this pandemic.

Fran Minogue


Fran Minogue: ‘2020 could be seen as the lost year – but look what we found’


A year ago almost to the day, I wrote an article exploring how retail chief executives were grappling with the challenges of Covid-19 and starting to plan for a post-pandemic world.

The man powering one million retail websites

The man powering one million retail websites

Shopify president Harley Finkelstein tells Retail Week how retail now is a battle between the resistant and the resilient.

Interview by Luke Tugby