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Revealed: The secrets of successful store managers

2021-06-15T05:00:00+01:00Promotional research for

Retail Week’s latest report delves into what makes an exceptional store manager and the role they play in empowering frontline staff to deliver outstanding service.


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Watches of Switzerland, Regent Street, London


Analysis: Lush and Watches of Switzerland on nailing international expansion

2021-06-08T06:00:00+01:00By Manfreda Cavazza

‘Non-essential’ UK retailers have had a bruising year and many of those that have proved most resilient have relied on international markets to bolster growth in 2020. Should more businesses look to do the same in 2021 and beyond?

Amazon Salon epitomises the scale of potential opportunity for the etailer


‘Amazon’s shift from convenience to experience is warning shot to retail’


It is a topic that has become a regular fixture of boardroom conversations over the past decade. 

Amazon Salon-301


First look: Amazon’s first-ever hairdressing salon concept to launch in London


US tech giant Amazon is set to open its first-ever Amazon Salon in east London, trialling some of its newest technology and stocking products from its new dot-com beauty hub.

Deep dive: How to think like a pureplay

Deep dive:How to think like a pureplay
  • As online retail grows, established retailers like M&S want to 'think like a pureplay'
  • Trouva co-founder Mandeep Singh says "obsession" with data is key to attracting and keeping online customers
  • chair Susanne Given says pureplays have "a level of precision" traditional retailers do not
  • Learn how pureplays maximise their data, agility and structure