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Illustration of interior of department store showing many people and displays as if from above


Where retail’s top bosses love to shop


As the retail sector finds its feet again in the months following reopening, which shops are the industry’s leaders most excited to get back to? Retail Week asks retail CEOs what their favourite stores are and why.


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Raw Beauty salon in Asda store in Wigan


Store gallery: Asda launches first ‘destination’ supercentres in Derby and Wigan


Asda has begun the process of transforming two of its supercentre stores into retail ‘destinations’ with extended selections from 13 partner brands under one roof.

Styled photo of a white Baloo blanket on a black chair


The Disruptors: The wellness brands turning relaxation into revenue


The latest instalment of Retail Week’s series The Disruptors shines a spotlight on the wellness brands making waves in the health and beauty sector.



Building a video mega-mall: How livestreaming could revolutionise Western retail


As more retailers trial livestream shopping in the UK, Retail Week explores what it could do for Western retail and what can be learned from the Chinese phenomenon.

The UK retail’s most influential leaders unveiled


The Retail 100 ranks the people transforming retail, speaking out, innovating, making headlines and driving growth.

This year’s ranking – produced in association with partners Braze, Mode and Okta – places special emphasis on leaders who have shown continued resilience and stepped up their support for colleagues and customers during Covid-19, while pivoting their businesses for the post-pandemic world too.