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Amazon Salon epitomises the scale of potential opportunity for the etailer


‘Amazon’s shift from convenience to experience is warning shot to retail’


It is a topic that has become a regular fixture of boardroom conversations over the past decade. 


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Amazon Salon-301


First look: Amazon’s first-ever hairdressing salon concept to launch in London


US tech giant Amazon is set to open its first-ever Amazon Salon in east London, trialling some of its newest technology and stocking products from its new dot-com beauty hub.

Anita Balchandani


Anita Balchandani: ‘Expect a spending splurge but not a straight-line recovery’


After a long hiatus, as non-essential retail reopened in the UK the early signs suggest there are reasons to look forward with optimism. 



Five ways to turn your staff into customer champions

2021-04-19T06:00:00+01:00Promotional research for

Retail Week’s Customer Champions report, produced in association with Critizr, outlines the crucial role of frontline staff in welcoming customers back to stores.

Deep dive: How to think like a pureplay

Deep dive:How to think like a pureplay
  • As online retail grows, established retailers like M&S want to 'think like a pureplay'
  • Trouva co-founder Mandeep Singh says "obsession" with data is key to attracting and keeping online customers
  • chair Susanne Given says pureplays have "a level of precision" traditional retailers do not
  • Learn how pureplays maximise their data, agility and structure