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Lessons in loyalty: how retail’s seven best schemes deliver results


As Marks & Spencer relaunches Sparks this week, Retail Week reviews some of the top loyalty schemes around the world and pulls out lessons on what works in loyalty today


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Coronavirus Consumer Pulse: Fashion reopenings spark ‘halo effect’ online

2020-07-06T05:30:00+01:00By ,

Amid the coronavirus crisis, it has arguably never been more important, nor more difficult, for retailers to understand their customers.

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The Big Question: Were Tesco investors right to rebel over pay?


Chief executive Dave Lewis has led an impressive turnaround of Tesco over several years. Last week the grocery giant reported an impressive sales rise, and it has been widely credited for its efforts to ’feed the nation’ during the coronavirus pandemic. But the grocer has suffered one of the biggest ...

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Danone director: Being ‘good’ is not good enough for post-Covid businesses


Like so many other companies across the UK, at Danone, we have been working hard to get urgent help to people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Deep dive: Has grocery retail changed forever?

Has grocery retail changed forever?

Coronavirus brought unprecedented demand for grocery retailers, but it’s also dramatically changed how we buy and consume food.

Retail Week have analysed the new shopping behaviours and trends which will be here to stay once the pandemic subsides.