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Boohoo Leicester supply chain: What went wrong and can it be fixed?


Boohoo today published the independent review into allegations about factories in Leicester. Retail Week explores its key findings and solutions to the controversy.

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Ian Shepherd: ‘Don’t wall off data inside the marketing department’


In more than one high street retailer I’ve heard the same thing. “Oh, yes, we do data science stuff – it’s over there in the marketing department where we decide who to email”.

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The Big Question: What one thing should retailers do to prepare for no-deal Brexit?


As fears rise that a no-deal Brexit is now the most likely outcome of trade talks between the UK and the EU, Retail Week asks experts how retailers should be preparing for such a cliff-edge scenario.

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‘As a second lockdown looms, here’s what shielded shoppers would love from retailers’


New restrictions are a stark reminder that the pandemic is not over. Shielded shopper and retail analyst Michael Lieblich shares his experience of what retailers are doing well and what they could do better for vulnerable customers.

Dynamic supply chains: Winning strategies designed for tomorrow’s consumer today

Dynamic supply chains: Winning strategies designed for tomorrow’s consumer today
  • Better understand key factors influencing consumer spending and customer experience in a post-pandemic world
  • Discover the role of data-driven insight in readying retail for a post-Covid future
  • How to navigate your supply chain through recovery and beyond