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Family Christmas dinner, pulling crackers


‘It’s time to talk about Christmas – and it should be less volatile this year’


When we agreed to collaborate with Retail Week on Christmas in July, we expected a mixed response.

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Marks & Spencer chair Archie Norman


Archie Norman: ‘Pointless enforcement of Customs Union is destructive to businesses’


About 40,000 pages of forms to fill in per week, trucks turned back because they are sometimes filled in with the ‘wrong coloured’ ink, and debates over the dairy content of chocolate chip cookies. M&S’s chair starkly sets out his concerns about EU trade rules enforcement in the island of Ireland in a letter to Brexit minister Lord Frost

Customer giving one-star review on an iPad


Data: What consumers hate about ecommerce in four charts

2021-07-21T06:00:00+01:00Promotional research for

We surveyed 1,000 consumers to find out what shoppers love and hate about retailers and brands, for our new report The CX Factor.

bank of england


Analysis: How rising inflation will affect retailers over the next six months


The Bank of England has forecast that inflation will climb as high as 3% by the end of 2021. Retail Week looks at what that means for customers and for retailers

The man powering one million retail websites

The man powering one million retail websites

Shopify president Harley Finkelstein tells Retail Week how retail now is a battle between the resistant and the resilient.

Interview by Luke Tugby