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Data: How the pandemic has supercharged the warehouse space race


The closure of ‘non-essential’ stores because of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated surge in home delivery heralded record warehouse space expansion in 2020.

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Ken Murphy Tesco


Ken Murphy: ‘What Tesco is doing to tackle climate change now’


The food we eat – how it is produced, processed and transported, how much we eat or waste – has a significant impact on the environment. Food is responsible for nearly a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and almost 70% of global biodiversity loss on land.

Michael Jary


Michael Jary: ‘Never again should we accept the notion of non-essential workers’


It took a global pandemic to prompt society to reflect on the importance of work performed not only by healthcare and home care providers, but by delivery drivers, grocery store employees and other critical but modestly paid workers.

Xinjiang cloth factory


China boycotts H&M: Will Western brands have to choose between ethics and profits?

2021-03-29T06:44:00+01:00By , ,

Tensions between China and the West reached boiling point last week as several countries, including the UK, imposed sanctions over human rights abuses against Uighur Muslims and retail found itself caught in the crossfire.

The man powering one million retail websites

The man powering one million retail websites

Shopify president Harley Finkelstein tells Retail Week how retail now is a battle between the resistant and the resilient.

Interview by Luke Tugby