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Analysis: Slavery in Leicester – fashion’s dirty, open secret


Ethics and standards in Leicester’s fashion retail supply factories have once again come under the spotlight following allegations of slave labour and blatant disregard of social distancing requirements in the Covid-stricken city.

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George MacDonald


Opinion: Boohoo should cut ties with Leicester following sweatshop revelations


Online fashion star Boohoo has become too big to countenance links with Leicester factories alleged to operate under Dickensian conditions in flagrant breach of the law.

Fiona Lambert


Fiona Lambert: Leicester must break vicious cycle and restore great fashion factories


With a long career in the fashion and textile industry and living and working in Leicester, I’ve been deeply saddened by the reports that garment manufacturing has potentially had a part to play in the spread of Covid-19 and the extended lockdown.

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Analysis: Lessons from Leicester on how retail should prepare for local lockdowns


With the prospect of more local lockdowns on the cards, Retail Week explores how retailers can manage and plan for an uncertain future.

Deep dive: Can fashion ever recover from coronavirus?

Can fashion ever recover from coronavirus?

No retail category has been hit worse by the coronavirus outbreak than fashion.

The pandemic has not only upended supply chains – it has obliterated consumer demand.

Retail Week looks at the future for this embattled retail sector.