Further strikes at Morrisons warehouses have been called off after workers accepted a new deal.


Morrisons workers are said to be “thousands of pounds up”

Warehouse workers in Cheshire and Yorkshire walked out last month over proposed changes to pension contributions, pay and working conditions.

Trade union Unite previously said the retailer had “refused to negotiate” and that the changes to pension contributions would have left them “hundred of pounds” a year worse off.

Workers were expected to walk out between June 13 and 16, but this has been called off following an improved offer from the supermarket chain.

As a result of a ballot on the new offer, further strikes have been called off and workers will contribute the same amount towards their pension.

Improved benefits also include a new service award scheme which will pay up to £350 for long-service milestones. 

A 9% increase will be applied on all rates on pay from July 1, including weekend incentive premiums and freezer allowance with existing additional anti-social hours shift pay maintained.

Unite said it has also called on Morrisons to conduct reviews of “pick rates” and job roles in a “transparent manner and with full union involvement”.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “This is a great win for our members at Morrisons and shows the real power of a union in the workplace. 

“I’m delighted they have achieved their goals and that the supermarket has seen sense and come up with an acceptable outcome.” 

Unite national officer Adrian Jones added: “Our members took to the picket line and were prepared to disrupt supplies to Morrisons’ stores to make their anger felt. 

“They stood strong and have won an important workplace victory, including improved pay and conditions as well as protecting their pension contributions. 

“Instead of being hundreds of pounds out of pocket they are thousands of pounds up. This is further evidence that if you want your employer to hear your voice loud and clear, join a union.”