Newton Europe

Newton Europe

Newton Europe is a UK-based specialist in operational improvement. We design and embed change programmes that deliver greater and longer-lasting value than any other consultancy. Our approach is built on a unique ‘Designed for delivery’ philosophy that provides critical advantages via:  

  • Deeper diagnosis: using our unique analytical technique to identify and decode the critical causes of value and efficiency loss.   
  • Design for adoption and outcome: co-designing and pressure-testing new ways of working alongside your people, focusing delivery against the must-shift KPI. 
  • Immersive engagement: working hand-in-hand with your people – from the shop floor to the boardroom – building confidence and capability to embed sustainable change.  
  • 100% of our fees at risk: we believe so strongly in what we can achieve together that, since our inception, we’ve guaranteed 100% of our fees against delivering results. 

Our ability to deliver change in clothing, GM and grocery retail is unmatched in the UK, with individual engagements delivering £100m p.a. or more in recurring financial benefit. 

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