Brands face a lot of tough decisions on how they present their special edition products, especially at competitive times of year such as Christmas. Eviosys investigates what can be done to ensure eco-friendly doesn’t get forgotten this festive period

With sales so important during the golden quarter, design and branding teams will have searched for how to make their product stand out on shelf, be trendy yet not wasteful, and produce it with quick turnarounds.

But in the quest for boosting revenues, sustainability sometimes gets left behind. Metal packaging manufacturer Eviosys has endeavoured to find out what consumers really think about packaging and how retailers can harmoniously balance the two.

Eviosys’ most recent research sheds light on the preferences and trends that are driving consumer shopping habits, which can help guide brands on important packaging decisions from this holiday season and throughout 2024.

Recyclability should be a priority

Recyclable and sustainable packaging is becoming more important for consumers with 62% trying to buy more eco-friendly packaging.

However, 38% of consumers feel there isn’t an accessible, simple plastic alternative, which is why Eviosys is constantly innovating to bring metal packaging to the forefront of brands’ minds.

Tin-plated steel is the most widely recycled material and, as a permanent material, is the best placed to feed into a circular economy.

Make packaging pretty

69.1% of people feel that seasonal packaging enhances the overall appeal of a product, making it more attractive as a gift. Easily printable surfaces mean that metal lends itself well to visually appealing decoration and bold colours, making it stand out on the shelf.

A fresh look at luxury

Contrary to what’s believed, a luxury look and bright colours aren’t top of mind when it comes to choosing gifts. Instead, conscious consumers are prioritising quality yet minimal materials as well as reusable and refillable containers.

At Christmas, 96.4% of people are inclined to save their promotional tins to be repurposed around the home, for the likes of storing biscuits (64.6%), storing decorations (47.9%) and storing jewellery (38.9%).

This shift reflects a growing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional gifting practices and a desire to make more mindful choices during the festive season.

Local manufacturing is a must

It is important also to have a ‘local but global’ approach, and work with partners that can integrate deep understanding of regional markets with a global perspective on sustainable packaging trends.

In utilising manufacturing plants across the UK retailers can make a difference to both their carbon footprint and small communities with local production, as well as safeguarding and local expertise development. 

In a world of ever-evolving trends, it is important to stay one step ahead when it comes to sustainable packaging innovation. As conscious consumerism takes centre stage, retailers must ensure shoppers are stuffing their stockings full of sustainable goods.