Superdrug is to go head-to-head with rival Boots with the launch of its own loyalty card next week.

Beauty Card, to be launched on May 11, will offer shoppers one point for every £1 they spend. The card is mirrored so it doubles as a handbag compact mirror. Commercial director Steve Jebson said that Superdrug wanted the loyalty card to become “your handbag essential”.

Boots’ Advantage Card has about 16 million active customers and offers four points for every £1 spent. While offering more points to the pound than the Beauty Card, Jebson said: “We’re confident our customers will be able to earn more points overall as we will run special deals and promotions on their favourite brands and on our special offers.”

He added: “We want people to change their behaviour.”

The loyalty card launch is part of Superdrug’s drive to get customers to take another look at the retailer. Jebson said focus groups found one of the reasons consumers shopped at Boots was because of its Advantage Card scheme. “We have now taken one reason away,” said Jebson.

Shoppers will be able to collect points at sister retailer The Perfume Shop and the card will also offer customers a part payment option.