Instagram has launched carousel video ad technology, which will allow retailers to create multiple videos to advertise to shoppers.

The social media platform, which launched full advertising capabilities last year, has added video ad technology, which will allow retailers to add up to five videos or photos in a rolling format that users can swipe to see more of.

Asos is one of the first retailers to start using the technology in the UK, and has used the mobile app’s new ad capabilities to promote its menswear collection. Other retail partners using the social media platform’s latest ad technology include American department store chain Macy’s.

Instagram has increased the length of videos on its platform to 60 seconds following the number of views that videos on the platform get rocketing to 40% over the last six months.

The social media platform’s EMEA head of brand development Amy Cole said: “Since we introduced carousel ads last year, businesses have been using the format to tell their stories in unique and compelling ways – and have seen solid results.

“With today’s launch of video carousel, marketeers have even more creative flexibility to tell their brands’ visual stories on Instagram.”

Instagram-owner Facebook has also invested heavily in video content following the number of video views on its platform increasing to 8 billion per day last year, up from 1  billion in 2014.