Instagram has expanded its shopping capabilities, extending its in-app platform to more brands in the US.

The social media giant originally trialled shopping capabilities in November last year, making it easier for people to find and track products in Instagram posts.

It is now rolling out those features to thousands of US fashion, jewellery and beauty businesses in the coming weeks.

American users will be able to shop and browse products from posts in their feeds, on others’ profiles and in Instagram’s explore tab.

Retailers will also be able to get insights into how many people view product details or click on the ‘Shop now’ button, allowing them to improve their posts to create more relevant content.

They can also create and tag posts directly from their Apple devices.

Instagram said: “When it comes to shopping, we set out to create something that was less transactional and more immersive.

“Something that gave people more time and space to browse and evaluate products, making mobile shopping feel just like shopping. The solution is not as simple as just adding a buy button.”