A slew of major fashion retailers have been called out by MPs for “failing to commit” to reducing their environmental impact.

Amazon, Boohoo, JD Sports, Missguided, TK Maxx and Sports Direct were named as the least engaged of 16 retailers under investigation by the Environmental Audit Committee, led by Mary Creagh MP.

The committee found that Asos, M&S, Primark, Tesco and Burberry were the most engaged, and ranked Arcadia, Asda, Debenhams and Next as moderately engaged. Kurt Geiger did not respond to the committee’s requests for evidence.

Both Boohoo and JD Sports took issue with the findings, saying they did not reflect the initiatives they had undertaken.

All most and moderately engaged retailers, with the exception of Burberry, were members of either the Action, Collaboration, Transformation labour rights and living wage agreement or the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan or both.

None of the least engaged retailers belonged to either group.

Creagh said: “It’s shocking to see that a group of major retailers are failing to take action to promote environmental sustainability and protect their workers.

“By publishing this information, customers can choose whether they want to spend money with a company that is doing little to protect the environment or promote proper wages for garment workers.

“We hope this motivates underperforming retailers to start taking responsibility for their workers and their environmental impact.”

The committee will publish its final report in the coming weeks, recommending new government policies to encourage fashion retailers to operate sustainably and responsibly.