Tesco, the UK’s largest grocer, has expanded globally and is focused on the continued development of its multichannel offer and store systems.


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Hyman Richard

Opinion: Bigger margins are not always better


UK retailing is now entrenched in a trend of declining profitability, though many – particularly the investment and landlord communities – remain in denial.

Tesco plastic packaging recycling

Opinion: Grocers are making real progress in the war on plastic


It can often be difficult, for a cynic such as myself, to differentiate between an outbreak of opportunistic bandwagon jumping and a genuine sea change in corporate behaviour.

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Clive Black: Tesco and Lewis deserve a pat on the back


Tesco has issued a set of preliminary results that underscore its recovery and set the expectation for brighter times ahead.

tesco cashless

Analysis: Where are Tesco's 'untapped opportunities'?

2019-04-10T15:42:00+01:00By , Hugh Radojev

Tesco answered many of its critics today when it beat analysts’ expectations by posting a spike in full-year earnings.

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Retail Week Awards 2019: Tesco wins hearts with ad campaign


Large corporations are often accused of struggling to connect with their target consumer. Tesco took customer feedback on board to deliver a heartfelt and meaningful ad campaign that landed

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