Tesco has been told to stop using its Clubcard Prices logo after it lost a long-running legal battle with discount rival Lidl.

Tesco Clubcard Prices sign

Tesco will have to change its Clubcard Prices logo following the court’s decision

Lidl had argued that Tesco’s Clubcard Prices logo of a yellow circle on a blue background infringed its copyright and took “unfair advantage” of the discounter’s ”reputation for great value”.

Last year, the High Court ruled that Tesco had copied Lidl’s logo but the UK’s biggest grocer appealed that decision.

Today, the Court of Appeal agreed with the ruling, leaving Lidl “delighted” and Tesco “disappointed”.

The feud started in 2020 when Lidl first sued Tesco after it introduced the logo for Clubcard Prices. The supermarket giant will now have to change the branding. 

Lidl said Tesco had “prolonged the dispute… deceiving customers for another year”.

The discounter added: “We are delighted to see that the Court of Appeal has now agreed with the High Court that Tesco’s use of its Clubcard logo is unlawful.

“We expect Tesco now to respect the Court’s decision and change its Clubcard logo to one that is not designed to look like ours.”

Meanwhile, Tesco wanted assure its customers and said it was “consistently the cheapest full-line grocer”.

In a statement to the BBC, it said: “We are disappointed with the judgement relating to the colour and shape of the Clubcard Prices logo but would like to reassure customers that it will in no way impact our Clubcard Prices programme.

“Clubcard Prices, irrespective of its logo, will continue to play a central role in rewarding our Clubcard members with thousands of deals every week.”