More than 250,000 customers have provided Asda with feedback since it launched its tellASDA initiative at the beginning of the year.

Since January it has issued receipts at the tills of its 367 stores that provide information on how customers can make comments about their store visit. Customers have the option of providing feedback via a website or through a freephone number; and are asked a series of questions as well as being able to leave comments of their choice.

The supermarket is working with Empathica on the initiative to be able to monitor customer service levels and put right any perceived problems. Empathica also supports a similar initiative in place at Boots.

Asda customer insight manager Rebecca Briscoe says that the feedback is used in all kinds of ways: “For example the customer comments are reviewed every week by our store colleagues to help identify improvements needed, and Asda regional managers also use the reports to identify stores which need more support.  Within Asda’s head office the reports are used to keep the operating board updated on performance as well as in planning store refurbishments and new store openings.”

Briscoe added that stores are able to see how their score ranks against others in their region and track changes on a monthly basis.

The initiative is one of several ways that Asda collects customer feedback, but was introduced to provide an instant response to store issues, and so the supermarket can show to customers that it is reacting to feedback both nationally and locally.