Retail news round-up August 22, 2013: Waitrose is exploring using GPS tracking technology for shopper orders, a Tesco technical glitch has given shoppers 88% discount off ice creams and Asos has selected Innotrac for its US fulfillment

Waitrose to explore GPS tracking technology for shopper orders

Waitrose is looking at using mobile phone GPS technology to spot when customers get close to its stores so that it can prepare their shopping order, according to The Telegraph. The use of GPS technology will be part of its click-and-collect offer, where customers order their groceries then drive to a store to pick it up.

Waitrose currently has no plans to test the technology, but the company said that this is one of the ideas being studied in a bid to improve customer service.

Tesco technical glitch gives shoppers 88% discount off ice creams

Shoppers at Tesco Express stores are bulk-buying ice-creams at a saving of 88% as a pricing glitch knocked the price of a Magnum down to as little as 10p, and other ice creams to 6p, according to the Daily Mail.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We like to offer our customers unbeatable value, but unfortunately this is an IT error that is currently being corrected. Once fixed, customers will still benefit from the “2 for £3 offer”, as advertised.”

This is not the first time Tesco customers have taken advantage of a pricing error. Last year, shoppers were able to bulk buy six bottles of wine, worth £59.94, for less than the price of one bottle.

Asos selects Innotrac for US fulfillment

Online fashion retailer Asos has has selected Innotrac Corporation to carry out its fulfillment in the US. The retailer has more than 1 million registered shoppers in the US.

Innotrac will provide fulfillment and returns processing for Asos’s Groveport facility in Ohio.