Tesco has extended its electronic shelf-edge label trial to a UK store, following trials of the technology in Hungary.

The dynamic pricing technology is being tested at the grocer’s Letchworth Express store.

The retailer has been testing the technology in Hungary since last year and has said in the past that it plans to roll the technology out further.

Chief information officer Mike McMamara said last year: “The future is electronic pricing. You can change prices instantly. It takes us a week to change prices across Tesco – with electronic labelling you can do it within the hour.”

A recent picture of electronic pricing in a UK Tesco store was shared on Twitter by Lorna Bryson. Tesco confirmed a trial has started in Letchworth.

Electronic pricing is gathering traction among UK retailers. The technology has been around for years but has previously been too expensive to justify.

The electronic labels make price changes easier for large retailers. The technology also enables them to change prices quickly in response to competitors’ price changes, meaning retailers can reassure customers they are choosing the cheapest option. Dixons is also trialing electronic pricing.