Ikea has created a personalised video for its loyalty card holders in the UK which it plans to roll out globally to boost brand engagement.

Speaking at a conference earlier today, Ikea’s UK communications manager Magnus Holst revealed the Swedish furniture giant’s loyalty scheme video had resulted in a 12% uplift in members visiting its stores.

The retailer sent an interactive video to shoppers after they signed up for its Ikea Family loyalty scheme, which currently has 5.4 million members in the UK.

The video, which Holst said was designed to “train new customers to use our loyalty scheme properly”, includes personalised details based on where the customers live and motion sensor technology that enabled shoppers to take a virtual tour of an Ikea store in Sweden.

The perks of the loyalty scheme include a free cup of tea or coffee for shoppers as well as a complimentary product, which shoppers could select in Ikea’s video and collect by scanning their loyalty card in store.

Ikea’s video received a 71% click-rate when emailed to shoppers and 61% of users contacted said they’d visit Ikea stores more frequently after watching the video.

Holst said Ikea planned to roll out the initiative internationally after its success in the UK.