Waitrose has launched an online forum to help shoppers cope with festive Christmas catering worries.

The forum – Waitrose Festive Frets – went live on Wednesday and gives shoppers access to Waitrose executive chef Neil Nugent, who will answer questions and give hints and tips on how to make Christmas cooking easier. The site will also feature how-to videos with tips on preparing, cooking and serving the perfect turkey.

The move follows research commissioned by Waitrose and conducted by ICM, which found 49% of shoppers suffer from strong feelings of anxiety, pressure and even anger when it comes to preparing Christmas dinner. One in four claimed it is the most stressful time of the year.

Nugent said: “We found that shoppers had many fears about the Christmas cooking so we wanted to help them enjoy the day better by giving ideas to make things simple.”

Shoppers can also visit the service counters in store for advice on some of the poll’s top-scoring worries, such as catering for vegetarians, burning the Christmas dinner, and wasted food.

Nugent added: “Christmas is meant to be a fun and enjoyable time, not a period of sustained dread and worry. And the site will also cover ideas for meals after Christmas and for New Year’s parties.”