Etailers are gearing up for a surge in mobile commerce with Asos chief executive Nick Robertson predicting 20% to 30% of all transactions will be made from smartphones within the next three years.

His prediction comes as fellow etailer Shop Direct has seen a significant jump in m-commerce this year.

Shop Direct chief executive Mark Newton-Jones told an audience at Skillsmart Retail’s A nation of digital shopkeepers event: “We’ve seen a 300% uplift in mobile transactions in the past three months. Although we’re starting from a low base, it’s clear where [this trend] is going.”

Newton-Jones said the multi­channel retailer was also starting to get orders through web-connected games consoles such as the Xbox 360.

Research from Morgan Stanley predicts mobile internet access will outstrip desktop access by 2014.

High street retailers have also been readying for a surge in m-commerce, with John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and JD Sports all launching mobile-optimised websites.