Tesco has taken the initiative in the battle to win grocery spend with a new £10 off voucher.

The grocer is offering £10 off a customers’ £80 spend next week if they make any purchase online or in store this week.

Tesco chief executive Philip Clarke last week said he did not want to follow the market with a £5 off a £40 deal but had reluctantly followed in the footsteps of Asda’s deal.

He said: “I do not really like the blanket £5 off £40, it was done to us at Christmas and it’s something we felt we had to do.

“It was something to switch customers quickly and I think we should be more discreet about it in future.”

Tesco has launched press ads and in-store merchandising to support the promotion.

Tesco lost out at Christmas to Asda’s voucher deal alongside Sainsbury’s Brand Match which gives customers the difference if their branded goods would’ve been cheaper elsewhere.

Clarke last week unveiled a £1bn plan to make Tesco’s UK stores “warmer”.