Price is the number one priority when it comes to the websites online shoppers choose, exclusive Retail Week research has found.

A recent study has revealed that 90% put it in their top three when it comes to selecting a website, with 83% placing it in their top two, far above any other factor. In fact, 71% rank price number one.

Delivery options, the second most important feature overall, sees just 36% of respondents place it in their top two.

But enticing a customer to buy with a keen price point is one thing; keeping them happy thereafter so they will come back again and again is quite another.

There’s no doubt price is very important, says David Atherton, head of customer experience at electrical retailer, but the gaps between price points are falling as everyone seeks their slice of the pie by offering value for money.

As such, the role of price as the key differentiator between one retail brand and the next is diminishing. This means “service will come to the fore”, he adds.