Retail Week uncovers the cutting-edge technologies UK retailers should be aware of if they want to meet ever-increasing consumer demands.

Robots and holograms are no longer science fiction – they form a key part of some retailers’ marketing, CX and even their workforce.


Retail Week’s latest report, Global Innovation 2019, provides actionable insight into cutting-edge technologies UK retailers need to know about.

From the wide-spanning advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to the innovative use of images through augmented reality (AR), new tech provides retailers with the ability to meet ever-increasing consumer demands.

But understanding which technologies suit a retailer’s particular business model and culture, and which are affordable on a mass scale, can be difficult to comprehend.

This Retail Week report will examine which retailers are adopting the latest tech, but also whether the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

We cover transformative tech including voice and visual search, holograms, robotics, AR and social proofing, across forward-thinking retailers including Uniqlo, Asos and ebay.

Retail Week creative strategist Isobel Chillman says: “Retail’s digital transformation is already upon us. Innovative technology solutions are ready to be implemented.

“The onus now sits with the retailers themselves to invest in technology suitable for their business model that not only creates ROI, but ensures they remain relevant to the future consumer.”



Do you truly understand the capabilities of augmented realty?

Or how AI can be used to tap into your customers’ emotions?

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