Morrisons is trialling self-checkout kiosks that also allow shoppers to pre-order food at its in-store café, as well as read QR codes on mobile devices.

The self-checkouts are being trialled at Morrisons’ new lab store in Preston, where the retailer is trying a range of innovative ideas.

The grocer is working with technology supplier NCR to enable shoppers to use the kiosks to both pay and order products from the café. The kiosks could also potentially be used to make further online orders after a customer has paid for their store purchases.

They also recognise a wider range of barcodes than most self-checkouts, including those on mobile devices, which enable coupons and deals to be processed on the machines.

Morrisons interim chief information officer Adrian Stanbury said: “Tech-savvy consumers are directly influencing the way that we interact with them, so we must respond accordingly.

“The in-store experience remains important, but increasingly important is matching the variety of consumer engagement tools with the growing, always-on mobile population.”