No matter the demographic, shoppers’ expectations are sky-high these days, with a seamless omnichannel experience expected as standard. What can retailers do to keep future consumers happy? Worldpay’s senior director of global retail Pinar Koygun reveals all.

Shoppers everywhere are changing. Worldpay’s Future Shoppers report shows that attitudes and expectations previously attributed to Gen-Z are now being adopted across all shopper demographics at an accelerated pace.

With 50% of shoppers purchasing through three or more channels, according to Worldpay data, and almost a quarter shopping through four or more, retail merchants have a growing number of touchpoints through which to make a mark and provide an opportunity to shop.

50% of all shoppers are purchasing through three or more channels, and almost a quarter are shopping through four channels or more 

There is also a growing expectation from shoppers, regardless of age and location, that their omni-commerce experience should be flawless, with 68% of respondents saying seamless omnichannel would be important to them in the future.

Other common factors among the demographics include the love of sales and offers, plus a growing concern with sustainability and ethics – 73% said the environment might play a role in where they choose to shop in the future.

Shoppers are individuals, too

Notwithstanding their commonalities, shoppers are individuals with their own unique drivers. Worldpay’s Future Shoppers report identified six new shopper personas, each with their own values and quirks:

  • Big spenders – 3% of shoppers
  • Trendsetters – 6% of shoppers
  • Aspirational shoppers – 10% of shoppers
  • Conscientious consumers – 22% of shoppers
  • Bargain hunters – 26% of shoppers
  • Basics buyers – 33% of shoppers

Bargain hunters and Basics buyers shop through fewer channels and are almost exclusively motivated by price, rewards and offers.

Since they tend to shop less or mainly when presented with a deal, merchants may want to look at their loyalty schemes and ensure they go beyond what is standard by offering remarkable rewards that keep drawing shoppers back.

Meanwhile, Aspirational shoppers and Trendsetters lead when it comes to adopting new retail technologies, such as augmented reality and livestreaming, as well as asserting that a joined-up omnichannel experience is paramount.

Merchants may be able to engage these groups more deeply with brand offers, exquisite website curation and social presence, as well as through style, ethos and brand identity.

Retail strategies to satisfy every shopper

Focusing on the following strategies should help merchants keep all types of future shoppers happy:

1. Price

All shopper types are motivated by price. As well as providing frequent offers, consider free shipping and returns, and flexible ways to pay to alleviate financial pressures.

2. Loyalty

Make your loyalty schemes meaningful. What was once deemed ‘good’ is no longer enough: loyalty schemes must be gold-standard to stand apart.

3. Values

Shoppers want their spending habits to be votes for what they care about. Make sure that your offering reflects what’s on your shoppers’ minds and lead the way in driving positive change.

4. Technology

Whatever their age, all shoppers are open to innovations that improve their shopping journey. What once seemed futuristic is now the norm. Consider speeding up your innovation roadmap – your shoppers are ready.

5. Style

Style-savvy shoppers like Trendsetters are brand afficionados who care about curation and image. Ensure your brand is consistent in taste and tone across every customer touchpoint.

For more insights into who Worldpay’s Future Shoppers are and what they want, download the report.

Pinar Koygun is senior director – global retail at Worldpay.