From subscriptions to seamless checkouts, Worldpay’s Pinar Koygun takes a look at what is ticking grocery shoppers’ boxes.

The last few years have seen some monumental changes to the grocery landscape, from the global pandemic to the rising cost of living. As a result, there’s been a shift in the way consumers shop – and how they feel about it when they do.

Now more than ever, retailers need to know exactly what consumers are thinking, what drives them to purchase and how to keep them coming back.

What makes grocery shoppers tick? At Worldpay, we explored this question at scale and surveyed over 5,000 shoppers from around the world.

We gathered detailed insights about their shopping habits and preferences to identify the four key themes that drive their decision-making behaviors.

1. Grocery delivery

The rapid growth of the online grocery market has made it easier for consumers to engage with stores digitally.

In the UK and France, convenience is a major driver for using grocery delivery, with respondents citing a desire to avoid physically visiting a store, as well as not wanting to transport items themselves, as a deciding factor.

 62% of UK respondents have had groceries delivered in the past 12 months

It’s clear that ease is a priority for grocery shoppers today, hence it’s key for retailers to focus on streamlining their services accordingly.

Grocery stores that consider connecting in-store and online shopping with innovative technologies, such as drones to speed up delivery, could be set to grow their consumer base and repeat purchases. 

2. Grocery subscriptions

According to our research, there is an increasing appetite globally for subscription boxes with popularity surging during the pandemic.

Our data showed that grocery customers in China led the way with this trend, with 85% of respondents open to becoming subscribers. In France and Germany, 46% and 48% of respondents respectively showed openness to the grocery subscription concept.

Whether retailers choose to provide convenience-based grocery boxes or prescheduled deliveries for certain products, subscriptions offer a great opportunity to secure repeat custom and help retailers accurately predict supply needs.

3. Checkout-free technology

With checkout-free technology, shoppers can walk into a store, choose what they want and leave without visiting the till.

Advanced checkout technology enables customers to scan and pay via an app, and radio-frequency identification (RFID) at checkout totals everything up as customers walk out the door.

The emphasis on frictionless interactions could result in an estimated additional 12,000 checkout-free stores in operation by 2027

This truly seamless experience brings extra simplicity to in-store shopping and it’s not surprising that 68% of our respondents were open to using checkout-free stores. The emphasis on frictionless interactions could result in an estimated additional 12,000 checkout-free stores in operation by 2027.

Retailers that lay the foundations with the right technology position themselves for success as customer interest grows in this market. To support grocers on this journey, Worldpay’s strategic payment partnership can provide a simplified route to adoption. 

4. The new loyalty

Rewarding loyalty with points-based incentives is a simple way for businesses to increase customer retention rates and create brand advocacy. But it’s not the only way to strengthen customer relationships.

The results of our global research show grocery consumers prefer more bespoke interactions – with 70% desiring personalised offers that extend into in-store experiences and nine in 10 noting that exclusive discount offers were important when shopping online.

Explore future-thinking strategies

In an ever-changing grocery landscape, knowing what matters to consumers offers a crucial advantage.

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Pinar Koygun is senior director of global retail at Worldpay