Lingerie e-tailer has brought in Redline Networks to help it cope with the festive rush.

Last Christmas, Figleaves’ traffic peaked after it placed a paid-for link on Microsoft’s MSN network. ‘The traffic increased 10 times in a couple of minutes,’ said Figleaves Web site and security manager Michael Devlin.

This year, Figleaves has planned for double UK and US traffic and an MSN assault.

At first it estimated five extra Windows-based servers would be required, costing £10,000. However, it avoided this by filtering the Web traffic through two Redline Networks T/X units.

When a customer clicks on a page, their PC and the Web site have a swift conversation, called a handshake, to ensure data is sent at the right speed and security level.

Conducting this on the T/X halves the workload of Figleaves’ servers, so customers can view pages in 10 seconds, rather than a minute, explained Devlin.

The T/X units will also block unwanted Web traffic, avoiding so-called ‘denial of service’ attacks.