Retailers could create special aisles for mums and interactive digital displays for men as they react to changing shopping habits.

How we shop now

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According to a report by shopping centre developer Westfield into how we shop now men and working ‘power mums’ are key users of technology when they shop.  

‘Mansumers’ are spending £13.25bn on fashion each year, just 10% less than women and almost three quarters (72% of them) use a mobile device when out shopping.

Meanwhile, almost three-quarters of mums use a click-and collect service against the average 53% of all adults.

The report said retailers could respond to this by offering mum-only services, like dedicated aisles, tills or easy ordering areas. And retailers could attract men through digital product labels or interactive digital displays.

The report added that shopper expectations of service have also changed as for the majority of shoppers the less interaction from sales staff the better. However in the luxury sphere more service is expected and retailers could offer a concierge ‘style butler’ service when a shopper is given a dedicated shopping assistant.

Westfield also found that shoppers want to be inspired when they are shopping and retail spaces are the new art galleries. And people want to be more individual and a third of shoppers are excited by pop-up stores.