Retail news round-up: H&M launches a loyalty scheme via its app and Amazon provides a weather-based shopping recommendations.

H&M introduces loyalty scheme in the UK

H&M is setting up a new loyalty scheme in the UK, giving customers points for every pound spent in stores and online.

The points will be automatically updated in H&M's app whether making purchases online or in-store.

H&M club members will get a chance to attend its launch events and receive priority shopping for new collections. The scheme launches on May 23.

Amazon provides weather-based shopping tool

Amazon is offering products to customers based on the local weather conditions, with help of a weather-based personalisation tool.

The service was launched on Tuesday and uses new technology to suggest weather-appropriate purchases based on the consumer's location.

The service will advise shoppers when making sunshine or rainy day purchases.

Amazon has also introduced ‘Echo Look’, a new device featuring a voice-controlled selfie camera, that allows AI assistant Alexa to give you fashion advice.