Incoming Lloydspharmacy managing director and former Woolies commercial chief Tony Page has vowed to expand the business.

Page, who was appointed to the retailer last week and will start on February 21, said he would grow the brand in the “dynamic” and “growing” health and wellbeing sector. He added: “Lloydspharmacy already has lots of ideas to grow the business and is already a big brand, but I want to make it stronger.”

He said Government pressures presented challenges in the healthcare sector but that health and wellbeing was “moving up the agenda for many consumers”.

Page, who is currently working for Lenta in Russia and prior to that was at Woolworths and Asda, said he was excited about “getting back into a community-led store, which Woolworths used to be”.

Page, who has been in Russia for a year, said one reason for moving back was to be with his family, who had returned to the UK following the Lenta shareholder revolt late last year, which led to fist fights.

He said: “The dispute did not affect the running of the business but we made the decision for the family to move back to the UK.

“We achieved a lot […] recording like-for-like sales you could only dream of in the UK. I’ve enjoyed my time in Russia but am keen to start with Lloydspharmacy.”