Supermarket own-label goods are gaining market share against branded competitors, according to Datamonitor.

According to figures supplied to The Times, 41% of all grocery sales at the end of July were own-label, up from 38.2% in 2008. It said own-label goods are 22% cheaper than brands on average.

Neil Saunders, director of Verdict Research, part of Datamonitor, said: “What’s really changed in the past few years is the range of own-label products you can buy. It’s not just about the value products any more: supermarkets like Tesco have own-label ranges right up to premium now.

“There’s been a move towards down-trading and the value end of the spectrum but, in the long term, we think the premium products will do well.”

Supermarkets have all been driving own-label products. Tesco launched its Discount Brands range, and Waitrose launched value line Essential.