Sports Direct is to begin selling on credit via its website later this year, as the retailer emulates model successfully used by Next.

Sports Direct seeks to emulate the model successfully used by fashion retailer Next, according to the Financial Times.

The retailer’s chief executive, Dave Forsey, said: “Next is one we try to benchmark ourselves against. Their delivery options are fantastic for the consumer. [They take] credit accounts and cash. They started with not taking cash and only giving credit. We are the other way round, we started at cash [and we will] introduce credit.”

Next’s online business grew out of its Next Directory catalogue operation. Customers set up an account which then operated in a similar way to a credit card.

Forsey said: “We just think its another option in terms of deliveries and payment. You almost need to have as many different options available to the consumer as possible.”

Separately, Sports Direct is planning to resurrect the Republic name as one of its stable of brands. The retailer bought Republic just over a year ago, after the young fashion brand fell into administration.