Amazon is forging ahead with its revolutionary store format, but is it the experience that customers want?

Customer expectations around the speed of purchase continue to rise and retailers are striving to keep up with demand.

Recent research by Mintel shows 38% of shoppers want shorter checkout waiting times.

Attempting to get ahead of the customer, Amazon opened its Amazon Go flagship store in Seattle to the public in January.

Ditching the traditional payment process in favour of cashier-less transactions, the store allows customers to walk in, fill their basket and walk straight back out again.

Visitors use the Amazon Go app to scan their QR code when entering the store and products they pick up are automatically added to their virtual cart.

A combination of video feeds with image analysis and laser arrays tracks customers’ in-store movements, identifying when they leave and automatically charging their Amazon account for their purchases.

But is there customer demand for this experience? Just 27% of UK consumers expressed an interest, with 47% against the idea, according to Mintel data.

The customer knows best

In Retail Week Connect’s new infographic, produced in association with ACI, we investigate what consumers want and how retailers are meeting their needs.

Many retailers are staying in tune with their customers, prioritising their demands and not falling into the trap of investing in technology for the sake of it.

Retail Week found 80% of consumers claim that they are more likely to return to a retailer that has previously provided them with a quick payment process.

Retailers are well aware of this, with investment in customer service and experience a priority for 52% in 2018, according to our research.

But what else do shoppers need from retailers at the point of purchase? And how are retailers meeting their expectations?

See our infographic below for insights into what the consumer wants from payment technology in 2018.